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Chapter 1.


The Capybara that Wanted to Fly
Author's book for children


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Main Heroes of the Comic


Full name: unknown
Nicknames: Mirrage, Gee, MG, Shorty
Color: red and yellow-white
Eye color: one green and one yellow
Hair color: light yellow
Height: 162 cm
Age: ? 14 or 15, maybe?
First appearance: 1st volume, 1st chapter

Likes: cookies, food, computer games, big cars, dangerous situations, money, travelling (without a ticket, of course)

Dislikes: big dogs, boredom, school, policemen, hunger

Special Abilities: He's extremely good at running away, often has crazy ideas (but always for the sake of the world) and eats a lot.

Random Fact #1: A long time ago he fished out of the trash a talking spider called Zeero who now lives on his left ear.

Random Fact #2: He is homeless, and has run away from the orphanage several times. He has a wild character and doesn't know anything about etiquette and criminal responsibility. A harsh and offhand life taught him harsh and offhand behavior, but inside he's sensitive and just wishes to have some friends.

Personal Quote: 'Waah! Don't eat me! I don't taste good at all!'


Full name: ?
Nicknames: Zeero, Alarm
Color: black
Eye color: red
Hair color: ? (Eh? Is it hair? O.o )
Height: about 4 cm
Age: ? (but he's probably very old)
First appearance: 1st volume, 1st chapter

Likes: flies, caterpillars, peace

Dislikes: annoying people, moments when Mirrage is being even more stupid than usual, when someone steps on him, danger, Mirrage's lies

Special Abilities: He is very intelligent and resourceful (his IQ is far many levels above Mirrage's) and always can sense that something bad is going to happen. And he can do a lot of useful things with his web.

Random Fact: Nobody knows how old is he, but he acts like he even remembers the ice age. Mirrage keeps Zeero as a 'pet', and he lets him live on his left ear.

Personal Quote: 'This is the daftest idea that I have heard since the ice age.'


Full name: Faylleron Allonnis Fendorr
Nicknames: Fayllen, Fay
Color: blue and light yellow
Eye color: red
Hair color: yellow
Height: 181 cm
Age: 15
First appearance: 1st volume, 2nd chapter

Likes: anything about computers, engineering and all sorts of trucks and cars, sports, skateboarding, reading, silence

Dislikes: loud people, ice-cream, sharing, slow processors, when someone annoys him or lays a finger on his computer

Special Abilities: He's unusually smart, inteligent, forever buried under piles of scientific books or surfing the web, exceptional fighting skills.

Random Fact: He always wears goggles, because after school he worked (before he ran away from the orphanage with Mirrage) as a courier by riding on his skateboard, owns a notebook with internet connection.

Personal Quote: 'If you lay a finger on my computer, I will make sure you die a miserable death.'


Full name: Annastacia J. Forenson
Nicknames: Stacey, Stace
Color: green and yellow
Eye color: yellow
Hair color: red with yellow
Height: 175 cm
Age: 15
First appearance: 1st volume, 3rd chapter

Likes: her dog Keerio, chocolate ice-cream, animals, drawing, writing, painting, adventures, mysteries

Dislikes: spiders, boredom, loneliness, school, danger, thrilling situations, selfish people

Special Abilities: She is unbelievably strong when she gets angry.

Random Fact #1: She is a 'sponsor' for Dragon Heroes' adventures, because she lives in a rich family. Her wealthy relatives hate her friends, and constantly try to destroy her friendship with the foundlings with unknown pasts.

Random Fact #2: If you do or just say something she doesn't like, you'd better start running away or you can be sure you won't live long enought to enjoy the next minute.

Personal Quote: 'Geez, you're just as smart as a frozen chicken!'


Full name: Rain Day Killer von BlackWoods
Nicknames: Keerio
Color: dark and mid red and light grey
Eye color: green
Hair color: dark red
Height: 65 cm (normally)
Age: ?
First appearance: 1st volume, 3rd chapter

Likes: Stacey, computers (but only for eating), eating, sleeping, running

Dislikes: Mirrage, boredom, hunger, locked fridge

Special Abilities: exceptional hearing, speed, 'cute-doggie' look

Random Fact: He can eat anything, but Fayllen's notebook is simply the most delicious food ever.

Personal Quote: 'Woof, woof!'

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