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Chapter 1.


The Capybara that Wanted to Fly
Author's book for children


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Dragon Heroes - online comic by Iva Fany Vyhnánková

Partings and Reunions

As a kid I wanted to achieve my dream to write, illustrate and publish a book to show people that with hard work anything is possible. I believe that everybody has some kind of dream and seeing that someone else achieving their dream would give them hope. I have now published two books and Dragon Heroes were one of my other projects with this purpose. If the projects I have done have given hope to at least one person, that would be enough. I'm a university student in my twenties now and I feel that I should leave this task to younger ones. And not only because school and part-time jobs take most of my time.

I do feel kind of sad when I come across folders with heaps of never-inked pages or text files stuffed with never-drawn scripts on my harddrive. There are thousands of scenes that will never happen, characters who will never meet and characters who will never re-unite with their important ones. Maybe someday they will meet somewhere else than in the scripts. But they will probably just live their lives and pursue their own dreams, free of any annoying author.

Many thanks to all of you who have been supporting me and helped me make my dreams come true. If you too have a dream, please don't ever give up and work hard to make it come true, Dragon Heroes are cheering you on!


2010/12/14 - Thank you all very much for your support, it really makes me happy. I would like to continue updating the comic, but you know, school, internet and everything. I'm at least posting some photos from the famous exhibition :]

2010/09/14 - New page! Shara's not very satisfied with Crow's service >.>
The Artbooks have arrived, they are absolutely amazing, even better than I expected! So here is a little gallery of Dragon Heroes' books :)

2010/09/07 - New page! Crow makes up a plan to battle the invincible dog demon!
Great news! DRAGON HEROES ARTBOOK was chosen as the Pick of the Week!!! This is such a honour, I'm so happy! ^_____^ I also wanted to say thanks to Ka-Blam for being such a good printing service - if you are searching where to print your book, I strongly recommend them! :)

2010/09/03 - Art update! Today we have a cover of something like an extra story of the Future Game comic. It's a shorter comic telling the story of Ray and the others when they were small. I remember first I had Ray looking at you, the reader, but it looked really cheap so I drew him just spacing out, he would never beg anyone for help anyways. I love drawing skyscrapers in twisted perspective, it's so much fun!

Next week I'm going to Prague to an assembly before the school starts. Yeah, I forgot to tell you, I got into the Charles University, the oldest university in Central Europe. I get to study to become a teacher of Arts and English. I was surprised to get there, because they say that it is very hard to be accepted for normal people, so I'm kinda curious about the studies. The entrance exams had like 5 rounds, but I really enjoyed it, except the interview part, of course. On the other hand I'm kind of worried, because I already have my opinion on art, so nobody can transform me, and that can become a big problem since I had troubles because of it even at highschool. If I don't count the fact that I'm terribly shy, there is the problem with my height (I have about 185cm) and kids will definitely be scared of me! Man, the more I think of it, the more worried I get! Wish me luck please!

2010/08/31 Midnight Edit - LOOK TO THE LEFT! Look! There is the long awaited DRAGON HEROES ARTBOOK! YAY! Finally! It's a high-quality paperback, 76 pages in full color! You will see many illustrations you cannot see anywhere else, secret concepts and jokes, SandraMJ's winning fanart and even human Dragon Heroes (since many people really wanted to see that :D ). I'm really proud of it, because it took me a lot of time to get it together. I had several versions of the inside design, but in the end I made the design clean and fresh so that the reader's eye can focus on the image without being disturbed. I hope you like it!

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