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Chapter 1.


The Capybara that Wanted to Fly
Author's book for children


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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What do you draw with?

A: I do everything with and Wacom Graphire Tablet.

Q: Are you an art student?

A: Yes, I study at MICHAEL - Private Secondary School of Creation of Advertisement in Prague.

Q: How long have you been drawing?

A: I have never been very good at drawing. Even when I was 12 when I have written some stories and thought I could publish them, I searched for someone who would draw at least the cover. But nobody was interested in that, so I tried it myself. Through the years have developed to this.

Q: What is your dream for the future? Will you continue in your way of art?

A: Yes. My great dream is to move to the USA and work on cartoon and 3D animation projects in some large film studio such as Dreamworks, Pixar & etc. I will do anything to make it come true.

Q: WHY WHY WHY are the characters dragons?! I think this comic would be definitely much more popular if it was drawn in manga-style. With your amazing art skills and such stunning story [this person read a part of the 2nd volume script] you can conquer the world, so isn't it a waste of time to draw it LIKE THIS?

A: Thank you, but I already figured it out from community galleries where I post my artwork. People tend to search for characters from their favorite manga/anime (or the ones who resemble them), so even if they find a picture like Carry on Smiling, they don't like it as much as if there was some manga character. (I bet this one WOULD be really popular, as you said.) They are not interested just because there is JUST SOME UNKNOWN weird lizard-like creature.

I just like to be original as much as I can, so I made up my own characters that maybe nobody knows, but they are ORIGINAL. I don't wanna draw something just because everyone draws it. I want to do what I want to do and I'm not interested in popularity and all (well, but some money always help and money go hand in hand with popularity... >.>). It took many years to find even ONE person in my country who actually liked the chracters' designs, but I still continued drawing, because I enjoyed it so very much that it kept me working. I was drawing and writing in hope that maybe someday I will find someone who will enjoy it just as much as I do.

... One last note: most people didn't like Mickey Mouse when they saw him for the first time too :D


Q: Can you tell us what Dragon Heroes are about and how the story will end?

A: Oh, of course not! If I tell you the end of the story then I wouldn't have to draw it! Dragon Heroes is like an universal comic. I think there is something in it for everybody. But I wanna put a lot of suspense and mystery in to it, I wanna make it sort of a 'psychothriller'. And it will be about VERY great danger and more characters will have to die…

Q: Wait...you don't mean the main characters could die, do you?

A: Maybe. Why not? >:]

Q: Oh! And will somebody fall in love? You have there one girl and two boys, will they grapple for her?

A: Oh my card! Is there someone who isn't thinking about that??

Q: Would you like your characters to be your real friends?

A: Erm... rather not... They would probably kill me for those things they have to go through! :D


Q: I have heard about your book. What is it about?

A: About a talking dinosaur named Froddy who comes to our civilization and meets three human friends, children called Tina, Alex and Lucy. They end up having a lot of adventures together.

Q: And what is its title?

A: It's titled Froddy - The Friend from Prehistory. Unfortunately, it has only been published in czech.

Q: Can I draw pictures of your characters?

A: Oh, of course! If you draw Dragon Heroes or something from this comic and would like to publish it, just send it in a jpg format to my mailbox fanart(at)dragonheroes(dot)net (please only pictures sized not over 1 MB). I'd like to present your pictures on this site! Just draw!

Q: Will you draw a picture for me?

A: Ah... Sorry, but now I'm busy. I'm afraid you'll have to make do with the art I have up! But if you really want a picture, you can find some information in Commissions.

Q: Can I link to Dragon Heroes?

A: Of course, I'd appreciate it! In the section "Links" there are free banners. You can use them as you wish.

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