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Chapter 1.


The Capybara that Wanted to Fly
Author's book for children


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Illustrations, posters and miscellaneous pictures of Dragon Heroes.
More pictures you can find in my official gallery.

Number of Pictures: 28
Character profiles! Find out what your favorite character likes, dislikes, etc.

Number of Pictures: 9
... As the title says - strips, specials, extras... call it what you want, simply short comics and pictures that don´t fit in the actual storyline.

Number of Pictures: 5
Hey, hey, it´s moving, look! O______O Animated characters made in Photoshop, ImageReady and Flash.

Number of Pictures: 3
When I was about 16, an editor of the 21st Century Junior magazine asked me to draw mascots Max and Mini based on the DH characters for them. So they have really nothing to do with the story and you won´t see them in the comic :) As you can see, Mini was derived from Stacey (and the small Mini from the second volume was named after her) and Max is something between Mirrage and Fayllen.
Number of Pictures: 11
Pictures of the main characters done before 2006 - as you see, Dragon Heroes changed a lot :D

Number of Pictures: 11
Some concepts and ideas about the comic. WARNING: Some of the pictures are VERY old!

Number of Pictures: 4
This is all YOUR space. If you draw Dragon Heroes or something from this comic and would like to publish it, just send it in jpg format to my mailbox (please only pictures sized not over 1 MB). I like to present your pictures on this site! Just draw!

Number of Pictures: 3
Free pictures for your desktop with Dragon Heroes (and others), which you can easily download. I will add more soon, but I would like to know what resolution you would like. I can even make a wallpaper for a cellphone, just write your request into the guestbook or send me an emal :)

Number of Pictures: 2

Chibies adopted by me and chibies of Dragon Heroes for adoption :)

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