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The Capybara that Wanted to Fly
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Gallery: Dragon Heroes

Illustrations, posters and miscellaneous pictures of Dragon Heroes.
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Number of Pictures: 28

Goodtimes will never be forgotten

Goodtimes will never be forgotten
June-July 2008
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I really enjoyed drawing this pic :) It's an actual scene from the beginning of the third volume where they had some days when they didn't have to do anything. Stacey found a frisbee and convinced Mirrage to play with her. However, Keerio (the dog) decided no to let Mirrage to catch the frisbee, so they had a lot of fun with it. Although Fayllen doesn't take part in their game, he is enjoying the time by doing something on his laptop - that's what he likes the most. (In the comic they actually MADE him to take part in their game, because Keerio thought his laptop needs a shover... and you know what happened ^_______^)
.... well, this pic makes me feel nostalgic, because that was the only moment in the whole comic when they really had time to have fun together - they were always running or fighting or always had to worry about something - that´s why this numbers among my most favorite pictures I have ever drawn :)
Wish When We Were Together Future Game
Future Game When There Is Nothing More To Say Chibi Crow
Chibi Shara The World Where We Belong Many Faces of the Book
Chibi Falcon Chibi Mini Chibi the Book
Chibi Keerio Chibi Stacey Chibi Fayllen
Chibi Mirrage Chibi Zeero Goodtimes will never be forgotten
Forest Path Beware of comic characters! Dragon Heroes - Cover
Dragon Heroes Fayllen - Digital Hero Carry on Smiling
Reaching the Sky Your Friends Will Always Protect You Chibi Mirrage
This isn't that hope you are waiting for...  

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