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Archive of News

2010/12/14 - Thank you all very much for your support, it really makes me happy. I would like to continue updating the comic, but you know, school, internet and everything. I'm at least posting some photos from the famous exhibition :]

2010/09/14 - New page! Shara's not very satisfied with Crow's service >.>
The Artbooks have arrived, they are absolutely amazing, even better than I expected! So here is a little gallery of Dragon Heroes' books :)

2010/09/07 - New page! Crow makes up a plan to battle the invincible dog demon!
Great news! DRAGON HEROES ARTBOOK was chosen as the Pick of the Week!!! This is such a honour, I'm so happy! ^_____^ I also wanted to say thanks to Ka-Blam for being such a good printing service - if you are searching where to print your book, I strongly recommend them! :)

2010/09/03 - Art update! Today we have a cover of something like an extra story of the Future Game comic. It's a shorter comic telling the story of Ray and the others when they were small. I remember first I had Ray looking at you, the reader, but it looked really cheap so I drew him just spacing out, he would never beg anyone for help anyways. I love drawing skyscrapers in twisted perspective, it's so much fun!

Next week I'm going to Prague to an assembly before the school starts. Yeah, I forgot to tell you, I got into the Charles University, the oldest university in Central Europe. I get to study to become a teacher of Arts and English. I was surprised to get there, because they say that it is very hard to be accepted for normal people, so I'm kinda curious about the studies. The entrance exams had like 5 rounds, but I really enjoyed it, except the interview part, of course. On the other hand I'm kind of worried, because I already have my opinion on art, so nobody can transform me, and that can become a big problem since I had troubles because of it even at highschool. If I don't count the fact that I'm terribly shy, there is the problem with my height (I have about 185cm) and kids will definitely be scared of me! Man, the more I think of it, the more worried I get! Wish me luck please!

2010/08/31 Midnight Edit - LOOK TO THE LEFT! Look! There is the long awaited DRAGON HEROES ARTBOOK! YAY! Finally! It's a high-quality paperback, 76 pages in full color! You will see many illustrations you cannot see anywhere else, secret concepts and jokes, SandraMJ's winning fanart and even human Dragon Heroes (since many people really wanted to see that :D ). I'm really proud of it, because it took me a lot of time to get it together. I had several versions of the inside design, but in the end I made the design clean and fresh so that the reader's eye can focus on the image without being disturbed. I hope you like it!

2010/08/31 - New page! The demon dog is gonna have a feast!

Well, since I have been receiving many emails asking me why I draw dragons and not manga humans when my works would be much more popular that way, I think I should say something about it here to make it clearer. I'm well aware of that fact, but I don't really mind. I have always wanted to be proud of what I have created, that's why my works are never the "usual" way. I know that most artists just take the style or characters of an artist they like and make their career of it, because they know they will easily atract attention this way, but is such work really called a creation? I tried to draw manga humans once, but no matter how hard I tried, it always looked like someone had already used that style. And that wasn't what I wanted and that's why I ended up with Asheron and Dragon Heroes (and many things I haven't published yet), original stuff I can be proud of as my creations (though there is a saying that "there is always a penguin doing the same thing in Antarctica", so maybe there is a cute little penguin sitting on an iceberg with its laptop and drawing Dragon Heroes, too :DDD ) I hope that explains why DH are dragons and not humans ^_____^ Enjoy the page!

2010/08/28 - Art update! As you wished, here is that scribble from the joke comic. It really made me happy that you liked it, though I think it is really terribly scribbled ^^' I have thousands of scribbles like this :D
About Ray and Falcon's relationship... well, it is that Ray = Falcon, but at the same time not. I have... a certain rule in my comic world: basicaly there are different dimensions and worlds, therefore one character can live many different lives in other dimensions. The rule is way much more complicated, but I don't really want to explain it before it becomes copyrighted by publishing in the comic, you know. But I love this "rule" because it allows me to use a character as many times as I want :D Ray really is almost the same character as Falcon (at least you know Falcon's real name now), but their lives were different and their personalities are different, too, formed by the things their encountered in their lives. Though, Ray's life was a little happier than Falcon's, since Falcon had to wait for 18 long years for a friend until he met Mini... That's why Ray is a little bit more open.

2010/08/24 - New page! Oh man, the demon dog is getting really annoyed! Watch out!

2010/08/19 - Art update! Today, we have a joke comic about how artist's senses are deformed from overworking :D I hope you like it, even though it's scribbled ^^

Sandra, don't let that make you sad, please. If they are doing this, they are not friends. Just ignore them, they will lose interest in annoying you someday and arguing with them would just eat up your time and wouldn't lead anywhere. (Yeah, I did argue with Richard, but that was just because I wanted to try to have an argument in English ^^' ...yeah, silly, but as you see, it didn't lead anywhere >.>). They are definitely not worth your time, instead of that, draw something. As long as you know what you are capable of and what you aren't, everything is okay. But do not avoid criticism, if you learn to distinguish insults from useful comments, you will improve. For example, if someone says that a character is boring, try to make the character more interesting. Also, try not to cling to friends that tell you how great you are and that everything yours is perfect. Those are good, but dangerous for your art future. The best friend will always tell you that this and that needs to change and tells you the way to do it. Those will help you improve. Try to find someone like that. I wish you more luck with your friends and don't forget to chase your dream!
Rave and Joey: I will think of making a tutorial, thanks for the suggestion. :)

2010/08/17 - Page 16 of Crow! Of course Crow's gonna save the day with his killing glare :D
Don't worry about the toplists, dear fans, Dragon Heroes are doing surprisingly good (thank you very much for the votes! ^__^) and if you mean the ratings, it's just as Hellfire said, someone is just desperately trying to find their own satisfaction. Don't worry and just ignore that person, whoever it is.
It seems like I owe you a proper explanation of "that" case, so there wouldn't be any more confusion. From what I have found out thanks to my friend who has the logs from CZ shoutbox with IPs and a girl T., it was because last year I befriended T. and helped her set up her own comic, however I didn't notice (that was partly my fault) that she was "way too much influenced by DH". After some time her readers started to point out that it was plagiarism in her and mine shoutbox. The girl name Olven (I think this was her name, I can't remember, and I'm not sure if she is a girl since they say she is way older) used the situation to post very offensive messages under other people's nicknames, most likely to make it look as if I had written them, since it was my website. (But I was in hospital that time, so her timing was bad :D) When I revealed her doings when I came back, she started badmouthing me in one (or maybe more) Czech forum, I don't know what it was about since I didn't read it, but most likely she tried to throw her faults at me. I explained the case there, but she had already fanatized the users, so I don't know how it continued, I let it go. You may ask why I let her win, but I really don't feel like wasting my time when I had already explained. If the users want to be hollow cans and believe her babbling instead of the IP logs, it's their own choice. I didn't lose anything and have more important things to worry about than someone's need to manipulate people and offend others. I'm glad I have very hard skin (unlike poor T.), so someone's stupidity passes me by :D What just disgusts me the most is that she played T.'s best friend and saying she was defending her while posting such sickening insults about her and her family and then trying to make it look as if I had written them. I really didn't believe that something like this can happen in the real world. That's way beyond my comprehension.
Honestly, why there is so much envy and hatred among artists, like Orange said? I mean, I too envy some things, but never art. When I see a good picture, I think just "wow, that's cool!", but no itch of envy. Yeah, when I see someone having a Wacom Cintiq, I feel uncontrollable itches of envy :D but why in the world should I hate the owner? I don't get it. >.<
Anyways, I have fixed the bug in IE (and I can say that IE's stupidity struck me right, I have never encountered something so stubbornly determined to piss me off >.>).

2010/08/14 - Thanks for the opinions on the covers. But now I'm not sure which one is better >.>
Art update! Seems that you like the Future Game, so today we have a memory photo of the main characters when they were small. The main character, Raymond (Ray for short), is the black-haired one. He is kinda asocial because of his bad background, that's why he values his friends over anything. Sheena is the red-haired girl, very self-conscious and competitive (she wanted to shut herself in her room to study when she learned that a year-younger Ray can read way better than her ^^), but also very kind and always prepared to help anyone in troubles. Jeen is the green one, he is my favorite character, because his easy-going and tolerant personality makes him something like glue that sticks everyone together, because neither Ray nor Sheena would have ever started to talk to each other without him forcing them :)

2010/08/07 - Quick art update! The cover of Future Game from last time got a good response, so I thought of posting the previous version of that cover. I decided to change it for the new one, because I thought that this old one is less appealing to boys (And I didn't like that arm of the character >.< ). I would like to know what you think.

BTW, what the heck is going on with dollars? It is nice that America is going out of the crisis, but can't they wait for the rest of the world? The computer I had my eye on is now by 70 dollars more expensive >.< I knew why I hated the economics subjects in highschool :(

I won't be able to get online for a week, so it's unlikely that there will be the comic update. So see you on the next art update!

2010/08/02 - Early update! Page 15 of Crow! Poor Crow's peacemaking attempts didn't get very good response from the demon dog!
CONTEST: Well, the contest ended in a very ridiculous way, because with one exception none of the contestants sent their artwork in printable quality. It's kind of sad, because I thought it was clear in the rules and yet I received bad quality photos of drawings or pictures 600 pixels wide, and even though I asked the authors to send a higher quality version, none of them replied (seems like everyone has gone on holidays) and I had to send the Artbook to print by yesterday. It really is a pity, because all the entries were amazing and impressive and (except the technical side) had very good quality.
Nevertheless, we still have the winner who got the first and only place with an amazing and super-funny picture and yet was able to deliver it in printable quality! And the winner is...


Congratulations, SandraMJ! Your picture will be published in the Artbook, as promised. I wish you good luck with your artistic career!

2010/07/29 - Art update, YAY! I decided to post this picture first - look, THIS is the image that killed my computer! Ahem, the source file had about 450 MB and after several attempts to save it it started a saving process lasting about half an hour >.< Fortunately, it got saved and you can see it now. I can't really blame my computer for giving up after this! :D

It is a cover of Future Game, a comic project I have been working on (or at least would like to continue working on if I get a new laptop). The story is about a boy who valued his friends more than the world and about the danger of computer games evolving too much :)

Thank you for the idea of a commenting system, Rave, but I don't think many people would want to comment. The main problem is that I'm almost never online and the comments would need to be moderated or else it would get spammed or people would abuse each other. But as I said, if anyone wants to make a mirror of DH fo any language version, go ahead, I'm for it and would be happy. But please don't expect from me more than linking there right now.

2010/07/27 - Page 14 of Crow! The action begins, yay!
Don't forget the fanart contest ends on Saturday! I noticed my mail client marks as spam even normal emails, so in case you sent your fanart and I didn't reply, please send it again.
Yeah, and it looks like I can manage some art updates between the comic updates! So stay tuned and check soon!

2010/07/20 - Page 13! Finally! Well, I really thought I would be able to update last week, but unpleasant things came up, I'm sorry. BUT don't worry, the contest is still running, there is nothing that would come in the way of publishing the Artbook! So don't miss your chance and draw! You still have 10 days left!
Someone made a DH mirror at Smackjeeves? Well, I personally wouldn't mind that, but they coiuld have told me about it. But it seems like there was something wrong with it, since they got suspended. That makes Smackjeeves a very good website as its admins care about the content even without having to be told by the authors.

2010/07/06 - Page 12! Do you like the new character?
Thnaks for the nice comments, they made me very happy! I was glad to help, Sandra!
I'm not sure if I'm able to update next week, but there is still like 50% chance, so check the website anyway!

2010/06/30 - Page 11! We get to know more about demons and suddenly something interrupts the peaceful night!
This is just a quick update, because I have hurt my arm (you know, one of those accidents labeled as "a journey to the toilet at 2am without lights on", so don't laugh at me, please >.<) and it hurts like hell so I don't feel like spending much time in front of the computer and I cannot anyways, my brother needs to work on the computer. So please, forgive me, Rave, Roman and everyone, I will answer you as soon as I get online again. I hope I won't cause any problems to you. I'm sorry about not being online all the time, I wish I could help it. So please be patient with me ^^'

2010/06/23 - Page 10 of Crow! This is the most talkative page I have ever done, huh >.>
Don't worry about richar-loser (you gave him a nice nick), just ignore him, he's just a sorry loser that knows he had lost and just cannot notice he is just embarrasing himself. I will have my friend keep deleting his posts.
It is kinda interesting, because my friend says this happened on the Czech version too. There was "a person called Oliva, Olvien, Olven or something (sorry I don't remember) and she was visibly overly envious of my stuff that she started to show off her vulgar vocabulary in the shoutbox." She was also trying to blame me of something but mostly it was just brainless bitching and by posting under different nicks she was trying to look like she has an army behind her, just like richard-loser, but she was even worse that she wrote disgusting stuff under the nicknames of the other users of the shoutbox. My friend kept deleting the posts from her IP because I had asked him to delete any vulgar or spam posts while I was away. Fortunately, when he banned her nickname, she wasn't clever enough to add something to her nick, so she gave up.
The funny thing is that I didn't even know her, but I do remember talking to 5 people from two Czech dragon and furry communities indepentently and everyone of them was always complaining about a person with the same name. They said that she was a spineless old hag trying to imitate Disney and often insulted younger and more successful artist for no reason. It really looks like her in the Czech shoutbox. I wonder if she's friends with richard-loser? I wish these people just stopped bothering normal people with their inferiority complex and rather visited a psychiatrist.

By the way, there hasn't been almost any lost in DH traffic. I looked into Google Analytics and most people come here from Dreamkeepers, Belfry and Devianart, from TWC there were just random groups of people ocassionally. So richard-loser and his whore didn't manage to hurt DH as they wanted :P

2010/06/17 - Well, after an exhausting debate with the boss of the TWC, I have to announce that Dragon Heroes won't be listed there anymore. I thank to everyone who voted, though I have to say I'm glad I'm out of that corrupted website. The boss really has no idea what he is doing >.< He just needed a scapegoat and Dragon Heroes just happened to get in the way. He just wants to keep his own group of cheaters and no one else is allowed there, the few fans who tried to cheat for DH were just not wanted, sorry about that, but thanks for the support. If he wants to divide people into those who are allowed to cheat and those who aren't, let him do that, it's his choice. (You know that every time something is about money and there is a guy who claims to be "fair", there is always something wrong with it :P ) That's all. Does anyone know any good webcomic listing we could move to?
Don't forget to join the fanart contest!

2010/06/16 - Dragon Heroes are back!!! Thank you, dear loayal readers who waited patiently for the update! It really made me happy to hear that Dragon Heroes became one of the most popular comics in the world - I was in hospital that time and this really helped me recover, thank you!
I'm sorry for the inconvenience, but my life hasn't been very nice to me recently and on top of that my computer has broken down. At least, I have finished my last exam today, so I decided to start updating DH with stuff I have already done. The comic should be back on the weekly schedule during summer, but unless I make enough money for a new computer, I cannot guarantee what happens when I run out of pages.
Don't forget to participate in the contest and draw a nice FANART!

2009/11/25 - Art update! When There Is Nothing More To Say is one of the pictures that I have a special feeling for - even the sunflowers have their meaning, a sunflower is something like a mascot for the second volume :) I started drawing this picture in spring, but then I had to study hard for the graduation exams. But I still had to finish it before the exams :)
There won´t be a comic update this week, because will be away.

2009/11/22 - Page 8 of Crow! Shara simply wouldn´t be afraid even of a death god if she had a profit from that :)
And YES! I have received a few copies of the printed version of Crow! They are so AWESOME! Look!

2009/11/17 - What do you do when you get frustrated from school? I draw things like this ^___^

2009/11/15 - Page 7 of Crow! Hehe, this scene turned out to be even more like the Little Red Hood than it was originally planned (at the time of writing the script I didn´t know Shara would have red hair :D ). I love Crow´s expression in the second panel :3

2009/11/11 - Art update! We forgot about Chibi Crow! ... Man, the gallery is getting pretty stuffed ^___^

2009/11/7 - Well, sorry about the last week, but I caught some illness (fortunately they said it wasn´t that mexican flu :) ) and didn´t have internet access. So here is page 6 of Crow! As you see, Crow isn´t evil at all (and neither am I, Soul :P ). Potatoes rule!
Crow is now available in exclusive printed version as well, hooray!!!
Also, there is a new vote incetive for page 7, so don´t forget to vote!

2009/10/27 - Okay, the promised Max & Mini Gallery is here on the Dragon Heroes website! I know I know, people have been complaining about it being only in my official gallery and not on this website since spring or so, I´m sorry it comes so late ^^'

2009/10/25 - Page 5 of Crow! Shara´s imagination sure is great! ^___^
I took a photo of a printed copy of Chapter 1 with a cellphone (I´m sorry about the poor quality of the image >.< )

2009/10/21 - Art update! Chibi Shara!

2009/10/16 - HOORAY! It´s finally here! Chapter 1 of Dragon Heroes is available in printed glory!!! I have a few copies of the book and they look gorgeous! They are so glossy and bright! I totally fell in love with them :3

And, as usual, we have a new page of Crow! Enjoy!

2009/10/14 - Art update! Last time it was Shara, now it is Crow´s Profile Sheet!

2009/10/11 - Page 3 of Crow! Poor little boar cannot climb trees TT_TT

2009/10/06 - Art update! Shara´s Profile Sheet!

2009/10/04 - Page 2 of Crow featuring one of the main characters and a very cute little boar :3

2009/09/30 - Yay, I got connected! So here is a new picture, The World Where We Belong!

2009/09/26 - Page 1 of Crow! Well, I usually don´t use this kind of prologue since every comic has it, but it was somehow fitting for this story :D
Man, the university turned out to be extremely hard! I have got to study hard to get at least to the second term, so wish me luck :)
Last week there was no art update, because I didn´t get on the net. But this Friday I connected to the school wifi, so there should be a regular art middle week update this week :)

2009/09/19 - As promised, today we are starting a side story comic, Crow! Enjoy!
I still don´t have photos from the comic festival, just the images of the Mangabook Dragon Heroes were published in. Unfortunately it is only in Czech, sorry.

The festival was great, I really enjoyed it. There was a lot of lectures and events. I was just sad that there weren´t origami and chibi workshops like last year. We also went sightseeing and visited a beautiful castle called Děvín. At the festival I was quite surprised that people were interested in such unusual comic like Dragon Heroes. Even the merchandise I made was selling well (though the money all went to the costs of the whole trip :( ), the laminated bookmarks were completely sold out, even my personal Falcon-chibi bookmark! (I forgot it in the pack TT__TT) Hope someone is happy to have it :)
This week my school is starting and I´m moving to the boarding house, so I´m not sure about the middle-week art update, but I will try my best to find an internet connection that will allow me to connect to sftp :)

2009/09/15 - New pic! Last week it was Falcon, but he cannot exist without Mini, so here she is! Meet the nicest character of the comic :D
Last weekend was the comic festival in Bratislava - it was great and we really enjoyed it and the trips to the neighbourhood of Bratislava were great too. I will talk about it more once I get the photos :)

2009/09/08 - ART update! Since Falcon is getting popular, I have decided to upload his profile sheet, even though he is from the second volume. Falcon is a cool character though he is such a cold fish :D And yes, he HAS shining eyes - his eyes shine in the dark and he can see in the darkness. It´s a very useful ability since there is no one in his world who can see in the dark besides him. Well... he didn´t gain those eyes because he wanted to, but I´m really not in the mood to tell sad stories, so some other time >.< Good night.

2009/09/04 - A Friday update! Well, it´s not a new page of the main comic, because I have hurt my hand and the world is getting in my way, so I still haven´t finished the page. BUT! We have a joke comic today - Do not disturb comic artists!. (The style is probably what DH would look like if it was a B&W manga) It is one of my "stupid side comics" I made last schoolyear (I have loads of them, but only this one was able to be published at this point of the story). Enjoy!
Now I will tell how the things about DH will be: The next weekend will be no update again (But the art updates should go as usual!), because I´m at the comic festival in Slovakia. And starting the weekend after that I will start publishing the DH side story Crow from which you could see shots if you voted. (Don´t forget to vote regularly, there will be more shots!) The chapter 2 of the main DH comic will be on a hiatus for the time being (though I hoped to reach at least the moment of MirrageXFayllen fight, because there was a lot of meaning in it and that was when the real "chasing the dreams in the cold reality" began). I´m sorry about this, but the school is starting in two weeks and I don´t know when I will be able to draw again. But I´m sure you will enjoy Crow too ^_____^
Here you have a bonus: the stuff I made for the comic festival (It looks really good :3)

...And the growth of my little guinea-pigs!

2009/09/02 - Oh, yeah! An ART update! I have run out of chibis, so there is one funny thing for you today - Many Faces of the Book! I had so much fun drawing it (even though I was drawing this right before the graduation exams), I hope you´ll like it too! The Book is such an adorable character :3
BTW I was in Prague to enroll to the college I want to study today and I also spent some time running around my favorite printing house, so I have some cool mercha stuff with Dragon Heroes for the upcoming comic festival in Slovakia. I will try to tak a photo of it and post on Saturday. Yawn... I´m totally dead now, so you´d better be grateful a bit for this update :P Good night and good morning to where is already morning :)

2009/08/23 - Well... I didn´t manage to make the next page, because I have been working on a project you will get one day too. BUT! Instead of one page of the comic, you will get four pages of the History of Dragon Heroes today! People had been asking about how the DH came to being a long time ago, so I made these four pages during schoolyear and totally forgot about it ^^´ But here it is! Hope you will find it interesting :)
If you want to read Dragon Heroes in much better resolution, I have uploaded it at Kidjutsu. Don´t hesitate and go read! (Don´t let Dragon Heroes be the last ones in the listing, help spread the word!)
There will be no update next weekend, sorry, because I´m going away. BUT! If you vote this week and next week too, you will get a sneak peak of the project that has been keeping me so busy this summer! ^______^

2009/08/19 - Today, meet Falcon, a cold-blooded assassin from the second volume! ... Well, as a chibi he doesn´t look so cold-blooded >.< But if you lagh at him, he will kill you! >) ...just kidding, he kills only people that are on the list :D

2009/08/16 - Prologue page 2! Mirrage is really hard to draw with big eyes >.<
Thanks to everyone who joined the Map of Readers! It´s nice to know that Dragon Heroes are visited by people from the other side of the world! :)
And here is one extra for this update - my guinea-pig Muliša has little babies! They were born on Thursday. They are sooooo cute! If I could I would spend my life watching them :3

2009/08/12 - And who comes to visit us today? A character from the second volume, Mini in a chibi version!

2009/08/08 - Prologue! Yes, I totally forgot about it ^^´ In the first version of DH this scene was a part of chapter 2, but in the revision of the story I crossed that part out and moved these two pages to the beginning as a prologue - and when I started to work on the new version of the comic two years ago, I totally forgot about it ^^´ But here it is! (The second page you will get next week.) You will get to know why dragons can´t fly and what is Mirrage´s objective ^_____^
Thanks to everyone who joined the Map of Readers! Who hasn´t, do it now! :)

2009/08/05 - The Book makes its appearance! The Book is a funny character though it doesn´t appear much in the whole comic. It was in the story from the very beginning (it was even in my old story DH are made of), but I was thinking about removing it, because I thought it was a childish character, but a friend of mine (who is older than me) saw the old sketches and he began to love it. So the Book is back in the story :)
I haven´t decided on the name or gender yet - would you like it to be "him" or "her"? (In my original language, Czech, a book is a "she".) And does anyone have an idea about the name, or the Book is fine?
New vote incetive! (I´m sorry, I totally forgot about it ^^

2009/08/01 - Cover of chapter 2, yay! The sketch of the image was so old (even older than the cover of chapter 1) and a bit lame, but I still liked it, so I finished it just as I planned it a long time ago *nostalgic* :)

2009/07/30 - Today, super cute Keerio is coming!

2009/07/25 - Special page of chapter 1! (Yeah, it´s not likely for the main hero to die in the first chapter :) ) So, who do you think is the main badass of the comic? :D
Hey, I have added a new feature to the site: a Map of Readers! Show where you are from!
Next week chapter 2 starts!

2009/07/22 - Art update! Who is a chibi today? Stacey!

2009/07/19 - Page 29, yay! Quite unexpected turn of events, heh? (And we have finished the first chapter! Next week there will be a "special" page ^____^ )

2009/07/07 - I wasn´t able to update last week, because my internet connection wasn´t working (and not for the first time) - blame it on the producer of my modem :P
It´s a pity, because page 28 is one of my favorites - it shows a different side of Zeero´s character - Zeero is not as "perfect" as he seemed to be :)

2009/06/30 - Art update! Meet a character from the upcoming chapter 2, Fayllen as chibi!

2009/06/27 - Page 27! Mirrage sure loves garbage >.< I had fun drawing the hedgehog, it is my favorite "random background character". ^____^
Sorry there was no art update this week, I was away and it was unplanned. But next week you will get at least one art update for sure!
Well, the animation seems to be cursed or something, wherever I upload it, it gets deleted because of the music track TT_TT I think I will just pick the most interesting animations and put them here as gifs.

2009/06/20 - Page 26! ... yes, Mirrage sure is VERY slow in thinking >.>
And in case you didn´t notice, we have a forum now! Go check it out!

2009/06/18 - Three news today! Dragon Heroes are proud to present you their first movie! Well, just animated sequences, but they are moving! (heck, it took so much effort to put it on the net... curse you, damned youtube...)
Thanks to mphdragon we have a forum now! So go check it out! (Sorry it had to replace the guestbook, but it wasn´t good anyway.)
Another wallpaper available at Webcomics Wallpaper Sunrise of Hope!

2009/06/16 - Another art-update! This time Chibi Mirrage! :D
Another wallpaper available at Webcomics Wallpaper Forest Path!
And also, the vote incetive finally changed - so go and vote to help spread the word about this comic ^_______^

2009/06/13 - Page 25! When it comes to thinking, Mirrage is slow, but fortunately Zeero is there to save the situation!
Oh, yes, I have uploaded a wallpaper of Dragon Heroes at Webcomic Wallpapers so if you would like to support DH, you can buy it there (even wallpapers for iPhones are available). It´s a way of donation, thanks to everyone who has already purchased it ^___^ I will upload more wallpapers there soon.

2009/06/09 - As promised, there is a middle-week update with art! Go and see Chibi Zeero and you will never be afraid of spiders again! :D

2009/06/06 - HOOORAY!!! I have finally graduated!! I can't belive it's behind me >.> It was soooo annoying having to study when someone had so many things to do! First I was afraid that I wouldn't make it, but in the end all the exams were just a piece of cake and I even got an umbrella from our school for having such good results :D :D
Thank you all for the patience, Dragon Heroes will continue as usual from now - and today you will finally get to know what was inside that last cookie box, hahaha :D
Yeah and don't forget to vote and also check this website during the week too - because I'm at home, I will be uploading some art, strips and sketches during workdays, so visit us often!

2009/03/29 - Thank you for all your support, dear readers, but it doesn't look like I will be able to update soon. I have been having some problems with my computer and now the computer is gone completely. It was a problem with HDD and I don't know how long it will take me to be able to continue with all my projects, because I need to get a new harddisk and install all the software again and I still don't know if it was the only problem with the computer. I also need to focus on my final exams, so I'm not happy with it, but I have to put DH on a hiatus. But be sure that this comic won't end with this, I still have many plans for Dragon Heroes. I will continue as soon as I get a computer that works.

2009/01/03 - Hey - look what beautiful PF 2009 Dragon Heroes got! It´s made by JR Tracey! I put it on the home page for everyone to enjoy - isn´t Fayllen on the picture amazing? :)
Of course there is a new page again, this time Mirrage and his "cookie obsession" again 8D
Also look into the Links section, I have added a new link to a comic called Crimson Flag - check it out!

2008/12/27 - Wooohooo! Super action Mirrage!!! Yeah, the author was forced to change the plexiglass in the shop window for normal glass >.<
I have also added an advertising banner from Project Wonderful (above), so I´m sitting and waiting if someone would bid on this unknown site ^^
Yeah and don´t forget to vote - one of the incetives is a VERY cute picture of Zeero! ^______^

2008/12/20 - Christmas update!
First I would like to wish happy birthday to JR Tracey, the first fan of Dragon Heroes, who turned 19 this month (although I don't know the exact date ^^'). So best wishes to you Tracey!
The upcoming week is going to be special, so Dragon Heroes have also a Special Christmas Page for you! Check it out! (The regular comic will continue next weekend and this page will be moved into the Gallery.) Merry Christmas to everyone!!!
The Christmas holidays have started and I have finally two weeks to spend at home, so I will finally respond to every email, I promise. I'm really sorry about not responding, but I was very busy lately and it was also hard to get on the net for some longer time. (I have over 200 unread emails! >.>)
And also, this website got accepted to the ProjectWonderful.com, so if you have some experience with it, please tell me, I somehow haven't got used to it yet ^^´

2008/12/13 - Finally! I have been waiting to show you this page for sooo long!! It´s a page I really love... well half because I´m starring there - as that freaky guinea-pig - that´s my avatar (in case you don´t know) and appears in the comic from time to time to make things clear or even more confusing, so be prepared for a Big Rodent Invasion :) And also, my lovely tablet is there too :) ... well, I have to say that the tablet and monitor aren´t that big in real, but hey, who would want cruel reality in their comic - if I want a big tablet then I will just draw one! ^______^
And also, in the Links section there is new banner to an associated comic Lytherion Legends - check it out!

2008/12/06 - Page 20 is up! And Mirrage is probably going to give notice... You know, plexiglass is something that you just can´t jump through ^_____^

2008/11/29 - Page 19! ... I love Zeero's expression in the last panel ^___^

2008/11/22 - New page! Yay! Run, Mirrage, run! :)

2008/11/17 - Okay, the promised bonus is here! Free jigsaw puzzle game! You will find it also in Extras section. Well... now that I think about it, it's nothing superb, but I enjoyed it a lot, so I hope you'll enjoy it too ^______^

2008/11/15 - Page 17! Enjoy! ^_____^
Um... sorry, I didn't manage to finish the promised bonus, because the prefab house I live in is going through reconstruction and I have been cleaning my room and so since the moment I arrived from school on Friday, so I'm pretty tired and getting on the net is also problematic... Fortunately, there is a public holiday on Monday, so I will upload it then, okay? Many thanks for such patience! ^^ Oh, and don't forget to vote, there are new previews of page 18!

2008/11/01 - New page! Mirrage is trying to find an exit... but not very succesfully >,> I like the colors of this page - they turned out well (at least on my monitor :) )
Ah! One important new - As you see, I have added some voting banners (above the shoutbox), so don't forget to vote every day on all the three sites! WHY? Because you will get to see preview shots of the upcoming page in the original resolution, that's it! It's pretty cunning, isn't it, heh? ^______^
Um, and last note that won't be that pleasant - most likely there will be no update next week, because I'm away and probably won't get to the net (but maybe will, so check for sure). BUT: after two weeks you'll get not only new page, but even a nice surprise as a bonus! (If you like games, then you'll find it very nice ^^)

2008/10/25 - Page 15 is up! Mirrage's typical reaction for situations like this - food goes first! ^^ I really love his expression in the fifth panel ^_____^

2008/10/18 - Another page! And now the action begins! :)
Well, although this page starts a cliffhanger, there is just one regular panel on the page and I don't want my readers to feel disappointed, so I have added new illustration to the gallery, so check it out! And, it is also available as a print ^^

2008/10/11 - New page! - I just love this page - Mirrage and his obsession with cookies! I almost couldn't finish the last panel because the picture kept me laughing the whole time ^______^
Good news! I have found an editor for english translation of the comic! His name is Rrrola and he's very smart and knows a lot about English and agreed to check my english translation of the comic. I have already edited and reuploaded some pages, so you can take a look at the comic again to see what changed :)

2008/10/04 - Okay, new page - I like this one, because I had fun with coloring it. Hope you like it too ^________^
And did you notice the new index page? I think it's better than the old one, isn't it? :)

2008/09/27 - As promised, new page is up. Mirrage hidden in shadows tries to get to the shopping centre.
This page is about a year older than the other pages, so I hope it doesn't look too much different ^^'

2008/09/26 - Woohoo! The new Dragon Heroes got their first fanart! Take a look at it in gallery! What's more: in the Links there is the first external banner - I'm open to links exchanges, so if you are interested, please email me.
And don't forget to visit this web again tomorrow - tomorrow comes with a new page! :)

2008/09/20 - Finally! Dragon Heroes comic starts again with better art and a slightly different story!

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